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WTB: 30' draper header for Challenger 660

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Doesn't need to be flex, looking for draper head for Challenger 660. Don't know all the possibilities. Have seen Agco 5100 as a fit, think New Holland 94C would work, not familiar with HoneyBee models. I have a Bish adapter that I used with a JD 853A all-crop head, would think there would be a JD head the Bish adapter would make work. I live in central South Dakota. Please speak up if you know what make and models to focus on. Not looking to put big money into like a 9250 flex draper. I do not have single point hook up. Thanks.
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We have always run Deere Auger heads. They brought out a MacDon draper last year for us to demo. We now have a brand new one sitting in the shed waiting for the beans to ripen. We traded in our 635F. The only reason we went with the Macdon over the deere is that we tried it and liked it, and the price was a hair lower. They never brought the deere one out that they were demoing, so we didn't want to jump on it not knowing if we would for sure like it.
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