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I have decided I would like to have a seed tender, preferably a convey-all that mounts on a cab and chassis truck. If the right used tender is on a trailer I would consider it Convey all makes an 18 and 20 ft three compartment tender. I would consider other makes but I am not sure who else makes them. I have seen ads for older Tyler tenders and meridian now makes a larger one, but not likely to find a used one.

What led me to this decision was there was an ad on kijiji for a freightliner and convey all tender. It was used and priced right, I drug my feet cause of Christmas and all and missed out on the opportunity. So now I have not buying remorse sort of speak ( lol it must be a sign ). So let me know what you have or if you can lead me in the right direction to a good one.

Btw last fall the ritchie bros website had a peterbilt with tender listed for there sale in November in Regina however this item was dropped from the sale. If anyone knows anything about it let me know

Also I'm not interested in a debate on the benefits or lack of using a tender

Thanks guys
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