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Hi, I farm in the Uk and I have got a new w540 (5 walkerWTS)hill master and I would like to know if anyone ever runs with the removable concave sections removed from the back end of the concave.
The JD guy said that it will help get the grain out faster but will the straw bunch or push through.
I cut W Wheat 4t/ac(140b/ac I think)+ 2 t straw/ac.
S Barley 3t/ac + 1.5 t straw
W Oats 3t/ac + 2t straw
The straw is not very brittle and normally does'nt break up to much and the grain is often about 16% moisture.
We are happy with 1% losses and travel at about 3mph(16t/hour) with our old 5 walker Massey so are hopeing for a bit more output with the new JD(22t/hour into the barn)
Many thanks Dalers
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