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yield monitors

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how do i use this feature on the 50 and 60 series combines is it easy to use or not.
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Are you talking about Greenstar? You could go to your local Deere dealer and buy a manual for whatever machine you are going to run and read over it.
If you're talking about the display, that contains the yeild monitor, grain moisture, and everything else in the little diplay unit int he upper right hand corner of the cab, then yes it's very easy to use. The push button interface is very easy to use and setting it isn't too hard. John Deere has just recently released their new greenstar display but it is now a touch screen display that's very easy to use as well. The only drawback is price... something around $10,000 I believe is what it will cost.
i was just asking how to use because when i go on the harvest run next year i would be able how to use it without any help thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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