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Turn Radius only affects how small of a circle it will drive. Based on wheelbase, a certain degree will create x meters of radius. Counts per degree affect how much the wheels turn. It's A/D reading divided by counts per degree, so the higher the counts per degree the less it will turn the wheels per degree requested. So wheelbase and counts per degree affect turn radius, the min turn radius setting and max steer angle setting affect how sharp it can turn.

When you turn your steering wheel to about 45 degrees, does AOG show about 45 degrees actual?

The antenna doesn't move in the simulator, so it is above the pivot axle. In a tractor you can put the antenna farther ahead so it needs to calculate where the antenna is relative to the pivot (back) wheels. Everything is based off the non steering wheels
I will go to the farm on this weekend, then I will test all the suggestions.

But from what you wrote and playing with the simulator, I concluded following:
  1. Turn radius sets the size for yellow uTurn shape drawn in AOG.
  2. Wheelbase + max steer angle tells AOG what is max sharpness to turn (if uTurn shape is smaller, then AOG will steer up to max angle and go off the uTurn line. If uTurn is larger, than angle will be as needed).
  3. Counts per degree relates WAS data to AOG angle and vice verse. And determines the actual wheel angle.
Am I right so far?

Yes, with around 30 counts, the actual wheel angle was around 45 degrees both in real life and AOG. Currently, I have 22 counts per degree - that's why in video max angle in AOG is about 60 degrees. Also, min turn radius is measured to the center of the rear axle (not inside or outside track), right?

If in simulator antenna always is above the pivot axle. Then what happens, if I set antenna distance same as in real life (above front axle). Cause if I do so in simulator (without changing anything else - only antenna). The behavior is exactly the same as I observe when driving in tractor - generated graphics, drawn area and going off-line to the outside in uTurn. For me, it looks like the centre of turn radius is shifted somewhere towards the front of the tractor.

A lot of questions, I know! :)
Trying to understand how it all works beneath the surface, not just plug-n-play.
2021 - 2024 of 2024 Posts