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Think we saw a picture of something similar last year on the forum, but it was under wraps. (or was that a New Holland?).

Whether this prototype is indicative of a new line, or just an experimental platform to get data for future designs none of us know. The body panels look rather hacked together, so my personal opinion is this is a one-off machine that may inform the design of future class 10 and 11 machines.

CNH is a really strange company, with no clear direction in my opinion. Three different combine lines among two brands, all competing with each other really. And if they add a fourth, then what. Seems like a touch of NIH syndrome among the engineering groups at the sub brands. Really if they are going to develop a class 11 twin rotor, they should just offer it under with color, rather than keep the features and lines completely separate and different designs. I can understand the loyal following of the NH twin rotor and also the legacy Case machines, but at some point does it make sense to keep offering competing lines?

I've been told by someone with inside connections that they have a lot of churn among their R&D folk and a lack of leadership.
Is anything more known about the prototype of the combine?
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